December 9th, 2023, Bydgoszcz ART MINTAKA 2023 Festival Quatre chants sur ce qui n'existe plus (world premiere)

December, 9th 2023, BydgoszczART MINTAKA 2023 FestivalQuatre chants sur ce qui n'existe plusfor flute, tuba, guitar and cello(world premiere) 
September 22nd, 2023, Warsaw 66. Warsaw Autumn Festival UNSEEN New Music Orchestra

September, 22nd 2023, Warsaw Fryderyk Chopin Music University66. Warsaw Autumn FestivalUNSEEN (2018) for voice and chamber orchestraAgata Zubel - voiceDariusz Trzciński - hurdy-gurdyNew Music Orchestracond. Szymon Bywalec
September 14th, 2023, Łódź XII Polish Philosophical Congress intervention

September 14th, 2023, Łódź
Lodz UniversityPolish Philosophical Society and the Committee of Philosophical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Speech at the plenary session of the Section of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art entitled The concept of "relational music" - necessity or suicide attempt?

February 21th, 2023, Deutschlandfunk "Impossible music (24.02.2022)" 22:05-22:50 DE IRA, DE DOLORE Of the possibility of art under the threat of speechlessness. Georg Beck's broadcast

„It is certainly no coincidence that one of the first compositional reactions to the events of February 24, 2022 was a concept piece.
And that it comes from Poland, probably not either. On the other hand, what distinguishes Marcin Stanczyk's "Impossible music (02/24/2022)" from Peter Ablinger's "Impossible Pieces"?

In front of
October 23rd, 2022, Lodz UNSEEN New Music Ensemble

23 October 2022, LodzUniversity of Music in Lodz
UNSEEN for voice and orchestraMagdalena Deptuła - voiceNew Music Ensemblecond. Marciej Koczur
The composer invites public to wear blindfolds during the performance.

UNSEEN (2018)
Letnie przesilenie to szczególny czas, z którym od wieków wiąże się wiele mitów i wierzeń. W całej niemal Europie obchodzono wtedy święto
July 23rd, 2022, Deutschlandfunk Atelier neuer Musik, Georg Beck Ein porträt des Marcin Stańczyk

July, 23rd 2022, Deutschlandfunk radio, 22:05-22:50Atelier neuer Musik, Georg BeckEin porträt des Komponisten Marcin Stańczyk

May 25th, 2022, Krakow Film Music Festival Dark, Almost Night (suite)

May, 25th, 2022, KrakowFilm Music FestivalDark, Almost Night (suite)
Special guest: Jerzy Skolimowski
Wojtek Urbański – Operation HyacinthMarcin Stańczyk – Dark, Almost Night––––Krzysztof Komeda – Barrier, Le départ, Hands Up!Andrzej Trzaskowski – WalkoverØrganek – 11 minutesCat Stevens – But I Might Die Tonight from Deep EndTony Banks – The ShoutPaweł Mykietyn –
March 7th, 2022, Prague Geysir-Grisey Kwartludium & Berg Orchestra

7th March 2022, PragueCzech Museum of Music (Karmelitská 2, Prague 1 / map)Kwartludium & Berg Orchestra
Agata Zubel – Chamber Piano Concerto (Czech premiere)Tadeusz Wielecki – Multiple Image (Czech premiere)Pawel Mykietyn – 3 for 13 (Czech premiere)Marcin Stanczyk – Geysir Grisey (Czech premiere)
February 16th 2022, Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal Klangforum Wien MOSAIQUE

February 11th 2022, Vienna.Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal.Klangforum Wien cond. Patrick Hahn
Marcin Stańczyk - Mosaique
Benedikt Leitner - celloMarcin Stańczyk -  live electronicsFull programme:
Dark, Almost Night Soundtrack album Sinfonia Varsovia

Tekst strony...
November 15th 2021, Vienna KAIROS Portrait album Klangforum Wien

Coming soon...
October 3rd 2021, Katowice The Festival of Premieres NOSPR LIVE (2021) for sax and orchestra PREMIERE

October 3rd, 2021, KatowiceFestival of Premieres NOSPRLIVE (2021) na saxophone, ensemble and electronicsPREMIEREPaweł Gusnar - saxophonePolish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.Marcin Stańczyk - electronics
LIVE (2021)
Live is nowLive is trueLive is waitLive is willLive is wonderLive is andLive is realLive is playLive is reachLive is fullLive is bealive

October 2nd, 2021 r., Poznań Aftersounds III for flute world premiere

October 2nd, 2021 r., Poznań, Aula NovaAftersounds III for flute (world premiere)Ewelia Zawiślak - flute 

July 22th 2021, Yerevan Komitas Museum-Institute ASPETTO

July 22th 2021, YerevanKomitas Museum-InstituteASPETTOHayk Melikyan - piano
Polish 21st century music
K. Penderecki, K. Meyer, W. Widłak, M. Stańczyk, D. Jaskot,
P. Łukaszewski, P. Malinowski.
ACOUSMATIC MUSIC Double portrait album ANAKLASIS ANA 015,what-do-we-see-when-we-are-listening-acousmatic-music-from-anaklasis.html

Head of Jury I Ise-Shima Composers Competition Japan, 2021

Marcin Stańczyk is Head of Jury of the I Ise-Shima Composers Compeition in Japan (2021).  More info and regulations here:
March 18th 2021, Poznań Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna Afterimages (2021) for flute PREMIERE

March 18th, 2021, Poznań, Aula NovaPoznańska Wiosna MuzycznaAfterimages for flute (2021)PREMIEREEwelina Zawiślak - flute
March 11th 2021, Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal Klangforum Wien SIGHS

March 11th 2021, Vienna.Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal.Klangforum Wien cond. Patrick HahnMarcin Stańczyk - SIGHS Full programme:
Prof. Marcin Stańczyk, DA Hab. Rector's Proxy for Equal Treatment The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz University of Music in Lodz

Prof. Marcin Stańczyk, DA Hab. is among the Authorities of The Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz University of Music in Lodz, holding a position of Rector's Proxy for Equal Treatment in the term of office 2020-2024
Marcin Stańczyk obtained the title of Full Professor

In November 2020 Marcin Stańczyk obtained the title of Full Professor. The highest academic title, Professor, it is conferred on distinguished academics by the President of Poland.

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