2019 - Grand Prix Komeda - for the best polish film music  in 2018

          for "Korbo/Strzemiński. Fantastic tale" from Borys Lankosz.

2013  – First Prize of the TORU TAKEMITSU AWARD 2013


2011  – Second Prize at 15th Salvatore Martirano Award for Nibiru

           The Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign (US)


2010  – Honorable Mention on Biennale 2010/ISB David Walter

            Composers Competition in San Francisco 

            for Three Afterimages for double bass


2010  – Winner of the Franco Donatoni Composition Competition

            and Young Composers Meeting  with Divertimento Ensemble

            in Milan and Monza 2010/2011 (Italy) for Laterna


2010  – Fellowship of the Internationales Muikinstitut Darmstadt for

            Laterna (Staubach Honoraria)


2009  – Third Prize  at 14th Tokyo International Competition for chamber 

            music composition for Three Afterimages for double bass solo


2008  – Third Prize  at 2th International Composition Competition

            From Romanticism to Contemporary in Bucharest (Romania)

            for Dialogues de Douve


2007 – First Prize at the 8th International Composition Competition

           for Solo Composition in Povoletto (Udine - Italy) for Aspetto


2006  – First Prize at the International Laurentscantorij Foundation

           Composition Competition in Rotterdam for Trois chants d'amour


2006  –  Second Prize at The Third Sun River Composition Competition

            in Chengdu (China) for Geysir-Grisey

2006  – Second Prize (first has not been awarded) at International

             G. Bacewicz Composition Competition in Lodz (Poland)

             for Afterimages for violin and piano

2006  – Third Prize at International I. Paderewski Composition Competition

            in Bydgoszcz (Poland) for Czekaj






© 2010 Marcin Stańczyk
Project: Renata Leszczyńska, Translation: Marcin Stańczyk